We will study dynamic quantitative models of corporate investment, financing, and related decisions. Students will learn to calculate and perform correct inference on…Read more, This course is the second course in the core econometrics sequence of the economics PhD program. There is an opportunity to discover more and better information by processing large data sets. We illustrate their use in solving particular models in various areas, which may include…Read more, Modern data in settings such as e-commerce, healthcare, and operations management are almost always complex and in high dimension. Each course is instructor-led so you'll always have an expert to answer your questions. [The other introductory course is Entrepreneurial Alternatives…Read more, Entrepreneurial Alternatives will examine paths of entrepreneurship outside of high-growth, new venture creation. The partner school is The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) Business…Read more, In this course, we will learn how to be better scientists, both in our theoretical and our empirical investigations. Dedicated staff helping students succeed inside and outside of the classroom. The Carnegie Mellon University School of Architecture (SoA) offers two baccalaureate degree … Among the topics we plan to cover are the role of…Read more, This course is aimed at the manager who is the ultimate user of marketing research and the one responsible for determining the scope and direction of research activities. This course is primarily designed for graduate students (and advanced undergraduates) interested in integer programming (with non-linear objective functions) and the potential of near-term quantum and quantum-inspired computing for solving combinatorial optimization problems. Visit the Maverick Store for assistance. University Center info desk, event space rentals, parking services, MAVcard office and more. The differences between marketing for start-up and early-stage entrepreneurial firms and traditional large businesses are: CMU and Ed2Go: Fun, Convenient, and Affordable. This knowledge will help prepare you to work almost anywhere in the … We look at…Read more. 1) no or limited marketing budgets to fund…Read more. Together with the neoclassical growth model (aka the Ramsey-Cass-Koopmans model), the OLG is one of the workhorse models used in macroeconomic theory. Students will be…Read more, This course is designed to improve your effectiveness a manager by introducing you to social network concepts and tools as they apply to organizations. Infinite relaxations. Since facilities are not necessarily connected in a serial fashion, despite its name, a supply chain describes a…Read more, In today's world, executives must make decisions under very high degrees of uncertainty. Allocation of resources across states is "risk." Theoretical models and empirical findings are then presented about knowledge…Read more, This course explores relationships between economic theory, identification, estimation and econometric practice. The objective of this course is to introduce basic concepts in the theory of graphs and…Read more, This is the second part of a full semester course on algorithmic graph theory. The main objective of this course is to create a forum to discuss and develop an understanding of the different strategies organizational theorists use to explain organizational processes, develop theories,…Read more, This course provides an introduction to research methodology applicable to organizational behavior and other related fields. Structural methods for finance and accounting. This area of research and applications focuses on (i) the management of energy conversion assets controlled by merchant energy companies via ownership of…Read more, This course is designed to introduce students to contemporary research topics in Operations Management built on a queueing framework. Queueing theory, the intrinsically dynamic and stochastic study of flow systems, will be used to model how waiting times depend on demand…Read more, In designing computer systems one is usually constrained by certain performance requirements and limitations. What is it? The course is intended to teach students the tools necessary…Read more, This course is the last course in the core micro sequence of the economics PhD program. Germany Study Abroad is a four week experience that takes place in spring 2019, Mini 4. Contact the IT Help Desk. Renowned faculty at the university's seven schools/colleges explore side by side with students, collaborating on research, tackling society's biggest challenges and delivering work that matters. History (HISTORY) History & Philosophy of Science (HPS) Human Biology (HUMBIO) Human Rights (HUMRTS) Humanities Core (HUMCORE) Humanities & Sciences (HUMSCI) Iberian & Latin American … Canadian Mennonite University is a university of the church for the world. The students will learn the basic summary statistics i.e. Carnegie Mellon University is a global research universitythat challenges its students to deliver work that matters in top-rankedprograms from engineering, computer science, robotics and business to … 2) Managing brainpowered businesses (e.g., software, investment banking, … [CDATA[ How do you incentivize a salesperson? To expose you…Read more, Bayesian methods are widely recognized for the unified approach that they offer to statistical analysis. Program in Computational Biology (CPCB) provides interdisciplinary training in using quantitative and computational approaches to tackle scientific questions that lie at the interface … View COVID-19 metrics for the campus community. Join Coursera for free and transform your career with degrees, … Course Description This course is an introduction to applied data analysis. This course focuses on theoretical and empirical research in corporate finance. It is an introductory course in game theory and concerns economic situations in which rational decision-makers interact. Evidence Based Management (EBM) identifies effective practices, separating them from fads and hype. This course will focus on trading and market structure issues, and also attention to credit rating agencies, arbitrage and taxes. We also study earnings…Read more, The course studies the role of managerial accounting systems in developing, communicating, and implementing an organization's strategy. In most cases, the goal…Read more, A supply chain includes supply, production, storage, distribution, and selling facilities that are connected by material, informational, and financial links. The focus is on the interpersonal processes and structural characteristics that influence the effectiveness of groups and teams when engaged in a variety…Read more, Managing knowledge effectively is key to the performance and competitiveness of organizations. We will begin by reading and discussing portions of Power Loss: The Origins…Read more, This reading and discussion seminar for graduate students, limited to 15 students, will cover Low Carbon Electric Power. Students must complete it by the end of their first semester. This course will also include discussions on how the theoretical concepts of…Read more, Tepper School of Business Our Ph.D. in Information Systems & Management was created to train scholars to conduct innovative research that … We will start with allocation across states – that is a static, single period model. The goal is to help students build up necessary toolkits and provide hands-on experience of applying structural models to empirical researches by…Read more, In this course, we will cover several papers that will highlight  tools  (such as stochastic dynamic programming, game theory, infinitesimal perturbation analysis) as well as  application areas  (such as responsive network design,…Read more, The course covers models and methods of analysis for macro-, meso- and micro-level topics, spanning market design, access to (and quality of) care, competing interests, personalized medicine, global health, organ transplantation, healthcare supply chains, ambulatory care,…Read more, The objective of this course is to provide an introduction to the field of energy merchant operations. The general public and all those interested in studying at the Carnegie Mellon University, CMU are hereby informed that the list of courses … We will explore … The goal of this course is to give students an introduction to the basic time series models. This course is the last course in the core macro sequence of the economics PhD program. The Management Game is an applied strategic management and general management exercise where teams of students operate computer simulated companies for 3 years acting as the executive committee of a multi-national manufacturing company. This short course introduces a basic information-economic theme in accounting theory. Modular Courses - Full semester courses … It develops structural approaches for analyzing large cross…Read more, This course is an advanced class on information, learning and communication. //