I’m specifically referring to cases where coordinates are offset from the map view, and/or lakes/rivers/etc aren’t reflective of real-life. Meaning, you can’t pair a separate HR sensor with the Garmin/Apple OWS option. I saw in app stroke type is detected. Also, I think they need a free/cheap replacement subscription for this to be viable. One question I have: when setting up an interval training for open waters in the Garmin, how does that show up in the goggle? I just asked their customer support. It doesn’t cost you anything extra, but your purchases help support this website a lot. The field of view is quite restrictive. Interesting, and as a cyclist with all the data gadgets and a deeply buried childhood history with competitive swimming I kind of hope that it will stay that way. It’s literally just a toggle. Indeed the pool clock is still my best friend. (I’ve been shown swimming over the land on the maps when lake levels are high). To do so simply dive into the Data Field configuration and add a new data page (or add it to an existing page). I enjoy using them for my lap swimming, but the fact that they haven’t enabled the app is incredibly frustrating. Note that none of this changes accuracy any. Review of the Form Swim Goggles with heads up, augmented reality, display. Thanks for reading! Are you willing to review or test beta products? FORM Athletica is basically RECON Instruments reborn. I’ve had no problems with any of the tech and use them with an Apple Watch. It’s here that you can update the firmware of the unit as well, all wirelessly. I take things to a whole new level of interactive depth! It relies on the acceleration off the wall so that’s probably part of it. Again, looking at the side of the unit from the bottom you can see why: It totally blocks the side view: The second minor issue I’ve had with the goggle is air bubbles off the front of the lens that ‘catch’ in front of the display. No? i like to replace my googles once in a while (about once per year). After all, I’d just be able to press the button and change to that other data page. I would like to support DCR and enjoy ad-free DC Rainmaker ($20 per year). Another $200? FORM Smart Swim Goggles, Fitness Tracker for Pool and Open Water with a See-Through Display that Shows your Metrics while Swimming. Now, as with before, the requirements haven’t changed any. If looked from the front of the unit you’ll see the right eye lens is essentially broken into three pieces. 6 out of 10 for me. it’s supposedly working. As you probably noticed by looking below, I also take time to answer all the questions posted in the comments – and there’s quite a bit of detail in there as well. Going to be swapping to the left as thats the wrist I wear the watch on. She’s given up on them so they’ll be going on eBay but it’s “comforting” to hear that others have had the same problem. They work impressively well. Instead, it’ll be the price. I wouldn’t disagree. Enjoy, and thanks for stopping by! Hands-on: FORM Goggles Openwater Swim Mode ... - DC Rainmaker Also, you can customize heart rate zones in the FORM app. Here’s a bunch of random trip reports and daily trip-logs that I’ve put together and posted. That is why the HRM-Tri and Swim store information and then send it to the watch when the activity is done. The archaic wall clock is the essence of keeping it real, keeping it old school, nostalgia and cutting edge performance happily combined. #FORMSwim, “they are declining to do so” do you mean the fit file will not expoet to training peaks and strava at all? Hi, I am a swimmer and always looking for the best goggles on the market I’ve had no issue with flip turn, nor any type of stop-and-push-off at the wall. They are exporting to TrainingPeaks, so they can output a FIT file, but are declining to do so. In essence, the FORM goggles aren’t recording/doing anything here except displaying what the watch tells it to. So while functionally quite good, practically speaking they were hard to wear in public. No cost to you, easy as pie! I did find the connection could take a bit longer than I expected – upwards of 20-30 seconds. 1,046 talking about this. This should be compatible with the MARQ right? It would never work since any signal from the watch would not make it to the goggles. I bought a pair of them with their Black Friday sale and swam with them the first time today. setting pace alert) and works brilliantly at the end of each interval my pace/time are spot on with the one I preset. I take things to a whole new level of interactive depth! After which former Recon employees snuck out the emergency exit doors and started FORM Athletica. Also, satellite views just look cooler (from Garmin Connect): In any event – all-in, the solution (if you have the right hardware) – works well. Some reviews are over 60 pages long when printed out, with hundreds of photos! During my open water swims I tend to veer off course significantly as I forget to sight the buoys periodically. You probably stumbled upon here looking for a review of a sports gadget. But Garmin is already annoying enough that doesn’t allow for any more advanced workout for OW and which I don’t understand why. First impressions were good, but I did get an extra 25m of backstroke when I stopped to chat to the next lane at the end of a lap. Had metrics like speed, distance, vert, and even friends – all overlaid inside your goggles. . Why haven’t you yet released a review for XYZ product you mentioned months ago? No. Wanna save some cash and support the site? on older units. As when I first used the FORM goggles for pool swimming, I’m still not entirely in love with the field of view restrictions on the goggles. Unfortunately, for me, without a FIT file export, the goggles are just a good method of counting laps, nothing more. We will soon be selling replacement eye seals and straps so that you can keep the goggles in great condition.”. Whereas satellite views are rarely wrong (in the old days sometimes the coordinates were off, but I haven’t seen that in years). When I asked this on the prerelease article DCR ran a short while ago, Ray said it would. DC Rainmaker 2019 swim, bike, run, and general gear list. Wanna create comparison chart graphs just like I do for GPS, heart rate, power meters and more? It’s hard to categorize the FORM Swimming goggles. The funky stuff on the outside is due to me sticking my cell phone camera in there and it reflecting around. This gadget (or something similar) could become to swimming what sleeveless jerseys are to cycling. So, you’re going to have to deal with some indoor shots. How is it for someone who needs (mild) reading glasses? And of course – you can always sign-up to be a DCR Supporter! I have built an extensive list of my most frequently asked questions. I purchased the FORM goggles because I wanted the open water swimming capability. We Aussies are used to time zone challenges. Cheers I can give it a whirl on my next swim. Click above for all the details. Any road map there? Just spray it on and rub the surface to remove any grease. You probably stumbled upon here looking for a review of a sports gadget. I have sent of some questions to Form Support, but their support is only open business hours Monday to Friday – somewhere in the world :-). If that’s the case (but certainly not saying my choices aren’t good for women), and you just want to see a different gear junkies “picks”, check out The Girl’s 2018 Gear Guide too. You’ll obviously need the FORM goggles, but in order to pair it up to your watch you need a Garmin Fenix 6 Pro, FR945, or Fenix 5 Plus series watch. So if you’re looking to pick this … Charge the goggles for an hour and try turning them on (it may be that the LED charging lights are not working but the goggles are) If the issue persists, you can reach out to FORM Support using the … This makes it silly simple. You can click here to Subscribe without commenting. Before FORM, he co-founded and ran … And being awesome is what it’s all about! You'll support the site, and get ad-free DCR! Plus I suspect the payoff of being able to see your pacing/distance stats on your goggles versus the wrist is beneficial there (which can be challenging in murkier water). FORM Swim Goggles (with heads-up display) – $20 off: $179: Amazon: We don’t often see deals on the FORM swim goggle (last Black Friday was the last time). Can’t tell you how many times I doing a timed 800 or 1600 and hate to stop to look at my watch to see how far I need to go. That device sounds much more interesting. In these days of closed pools, I’m using the workout feature quite often for open waters. 6/10 currently. Speaking of that unit, as you’ve noticed, it mostly looks like a normal swim goggle, except with a thang hanging off the right side. My main concern is scratching/cracking the lenses. See your metrics while you swim. This is the same as any other accessory Connect IQ app, like Stryd or Moxy or such. Are there replaceable lenses, or some sort of stickers to extend the life of such a device? I really look forward to the future improvements of this product., Good morning, Built for the FORM Swim Goggles. Two questions: The visibility is definitely less than other goggles (due to the shape) but love just switching off and not having to check your watch or count laps if you’re swimming around a course in a lake or something similar. Dan swam competitively for 14 years, and he knows technology. I bought these after the open water update and have really enjoyed using them. And to compliment that, here’s The Girl’s (my wife’s) list. Thanks for the review. It’s as simple as that. surely that would be a better way to do things, then you could use them for open water swimming as well? Once you’ve got it installed, then you’ll need to remember to add it to your watch’s openwater swim settings. So that way you can view all your summary stats like normal: You can still of course see these all on the Garmin side too if you want (in Garmin Connect): The only downside though is that on the FORM app you can’t see the satellite view (at least on iOS). – I noticed it’s supposed to detect strokes. I wonder if there is a navigation component could be added to the pages you see in the screens… Most triathlons publish the swim course and I could create the ‘swim-route’ to follow in Garmin Connect — all I need is a bread-crumb line to follow and let me know I am generally in the right path… One time, I had to be nudged by the SUP safety guy as I was over 500 yrds off the course… ugh! Click above for all the details. Today, FORM Athletica announced their first product, the smart-display enabled FORM Swim Goggles. Your email address will not be published. So even if you stash the wet goggles in the case and then toss them in your stank-ass swim bag with all sorts of other sketchy things, it’ll at least drain properly. I aim to leave no stone unturned. However, in this case, I was breathing to my left, to avoid this boating channel, keeping myself on the buoy line (to my left). I also noticed bubble accumulation over the top of the goggles which adds to distortion. Hands-on: FORM Swim Goggles with Smart Display | DC Rainmaker How well does your via ion need to be? If so, that’s impressive. Given how detail-oriented the company has been over the last three or so months with respect to dates with me, and given I’ve got what I believe is a final production unit, I don’t expect any issues with them hitting that date. FORM Smart Swim Goggles. Plus goggles are such a personal thing, it’s a shame a hud can’t just be attached to your favorite goggles but this is what’s available at the moment. In fact, as soon as I finish writing this section I’m headed out for a nice late afternoon swim … However, FORM’s own imagery (below) is exactly what it looks like, except, my water looks less like JAWS is probably gonna come up and eat you in the next 5 seconds. Also, note that at this time you can’t concurrently use the existing Polar OH1 connectivity with this solution. You can see the selectable metrics here: Ok, with all that set, we’re off to the pool. That’s because it kept the pod mostly below the water, and so the goggles would just show ‘Disconnected’. I agree with you about the visibility and the fit. Initial reaction was “same mistake as Recon glasses.” Not having a device that fits any person’s favorite goggles or sunglasses, items that are chosen based on personal preference and fit. And these guys seem to know what they’re doing more than most everyone who tries! I second that! But wait, are you a female and feel like these things might not apply to you? From my understanding, there is not technical reason that it should not be supported as the MARQ is essentially a FENIX 6 Pro from a hardware and software perspective. With this device, Form has … Subscription could be the answer. That look at the pool clock before even taking the first breath, it’s the single most iconic image of swimming and it has to stay. That’s their M.O. Do you think the fit file can be pull/export to Golden Cheetah? We should wait for Garmin to acquire them then…. Then, I come here and write about my adventures. Many readers stumble into my website in search of information on the latest and greatest sports tech products. Oh, and free US shipping too! Many competitive swimmers refuse to wear a watch, and while this isn’t a watch, it is a (tiny) change to their hydrodynamic norm. A week or two ago a small company from Utah launched a new swim goggle on Kickstarter that’s aimed at openwater swimmers trying to swim straight. After that, off you swim! ... DC Rainmaker 2019 swim… Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. “each with two pieces of information (and the top piece always being the time)”. I’ve reached out to the company, and the only response I get is “we’re looking to expand the number of watches blah blah blah.” Honestly, this fix is simply updating the app to include the MARQ. You’ve got a number of data field options, but only a single data page while swimming (with two metrics), and then one that triggers when you turn, and one that’s a rest screen. In lap swimming you’ll just swim, and it’ll keep track of it including pauses. Be it heart rate or GPS, all that remains the same. Does it measure the correct distance even if one is doing kickboard-only sessions? 6 months and 100k+ meters with the protos and no sign of degradation or leakage in my Forms. As for getting used to the goggle overall – I agree with them it takes a swim or so to get used to things, but that’s honestly not much different than getting used to a swim watch and how to carefully flick your wrist during a flip turn so you can view the split as you glide off the wall. The shampoo creates a microscopic film on the lens which prevents fogging. RIGHT? I’m also curious to know how they detect strokes with a sensor on your arm. The workout average is not relevant if you change your pace during the swim e.g. But functionally the same. And so I swam, slowly but surely, plodding my way along. Can you share the name of that beautiful pool in San Diego? Your FORM goggles have the same permanent, chemical-resistant anti-fog that’s used in diving masks.In order to ensure this coating lasts for as long as possible, we recommend you avoid touching the inside of the lens. Such an issue makes for a very hard sell at the best of times, but this case is a very hard sell to a demographic that is very hard to sell to. Knowing the time of each 25m lap down to the decimal helps me realize when I start to fade and has improved my times. It’s a heck of a lot smaller than the days of Recon Jet, but it also has to do a lot less. Then, I come here and write about my adventures. I gave it a first openwater swim … Or, on the Apple Side an AW3, AW4, or AW5. Your email address will not be published. Meaning, I can bilaterally breathe, breathe right, or breathe left. Just tried a pair out. Though, I can basically guarantee the answer from Garmin is ‘no’. Then hit up Wiggle at the link below! Hopefully you found this review useful. And of course, asking non-frequent swimmers to spend that much cash won’t happen either (they’ll likely be fine with numerous watch options at much lower price points). Also- sleeveless jerseys are essential to ensure that I do not look ridiculous in 70% of my summer workwear! Plenty of time for reading out the numbers through text-to-speech, no expensive optics, no required integration with a short-lived, fit-specific existing product. And of course – you can always sign-up to be a DCR Supporter! No GPS for example. In my case that’s iOS, but they’ve also got Android. Below are the most popular. So in efforts to combat the amount of emails I need to sort through on a daily basis, I’ve complied this “My Photography Gear” post for your curious minds! They care about marketing units, and sending them out just as soon as they can without getting sued. These could be used as a training aid, for sure, but as an aid during competition, no. But at least it was pretty. And, if you know me – I’m gonna say whatever the heck I want anyway. Most of the time. FORM released their new openwater swim mode that integrates with newer Garmin and Apple Watches, for FORM's heads-up display swimming goggle. Besides, after a while it hardly changes anymore, unless you swim much fater or slower for a longer time. Developed in collaboration with top competitive swimmers and coaches, the FORM Swim Goggles are the missing piece in every swimmer’s swim … I thought that didn’t work on the fenix 5 plus series due to the hardware not supporting it (there is no virtual-run activity). Like I said, they largely nail that. My Photography Gear: The Cameras and Equipment I Use Daily, DC Rainmaker 2019 swim, bike, run, and general gear list. Which means you can then look at their stats and marvel at how much faster they are. In a way, it’s essentially like the Garmin Varia Vision or Edge display concept, such as used in triathlons. I’m nearsighted but If this comes out with an option for different diopters I’m absolutely game for this. That’s not to mention that certain elements could not be relied upon during a club swim session, bit it a swimming or triathlon club, for they are run by the clock on the wall, not the timing devices of the individuals in the session. Just so you can get a picture of how crisp it really is. I live there, and would love to check it out! The head based units seems to be better able to detect the finish based on all the swim specific devices I have either seem promotional / testing video from or have seen in person (TritonWear). Simply the subtle head movements associated with each stroke? If the goggle does become disconnected through breathing or whatever, when you start breathing on the side where you get a connection again, does it correctly show distance etc from the start of the work out. But even if you don’t have one of those, if you’re primarily pool bound, it’s incredibly good at tracking your swim … If you would like heart rate, we recommend a Polar OH1/OH1 + so that you can still get the measurements from the goggles and benefit from Polar’s heart rate. Again, the watch is basically your control for everything here. Hopefully just an oversight…. No problem, here's the platform I use - you can too! End up using the goggles only when I’m alone in the pool. Analyze your metrics, customize your goggles, and connect with the FORM community. Once I was done, I simply ended my swim as normal on the watch. Also in that case is a pile of additional goggle nose bridges, which when I met with the company a few months back pointed out is super important to a successful fit – and thus usage, of the goggles. That gets you an ad-free DCR, access to the DCR Quarantine Corner video series packed with behind the scenes tidbits...and it also makes you awesome. Eventually have you got some improvements with several swims with it ? She’s persevered with them for a couple of months now since the end of lockdown but just finds the bubbles on the lens too irritating. If you’re trying to decide which unit to buy – check out my in-depth reviews section. after warming up or when you do intervals. Is the “timer metric” the total elapsed time or the lap time? That way I can barely read small numbers on my Fenix or Edge, but swimming with Form was just fine, I could easily read it. Ultimately – I think this update makes the FORM goggles significantly more appealing for triathletes, but also regular openwater swimmers (or, especially openwater swimmers). Wanna save some cash and support the site? Agreed, hopefully they make that more flexible in the future, maybe they’re reading these comments…. Really impressed with how much better my training execution has been in terms of hitting splits properly. I purchased a pair and was very excited to receive them. Could not tell when the end of the lane was coming up (glad I know my stroke count). Agreed. The time in the goggle matched the pace clock so that helped since I sometime struggle to read our green digits on our pace clock. Some other cool attributes that were unintended; for example, using the horizontal line in the display as a gauge of head movement and alignment while doing swim and kick alignment work is awesome. If you're shopping for the FORM Swim Goggles (with heads-up display) or any other accessory items, please consider using the affiliate links below! Oh dear, looks like DCR was wrong – just heard this back from the company support: For the pool, we don’t support GPS watches simply because you get the best experience using our goggles to measure your metrics. The biggest thing for me is simply that I realized later I only checked my watch exactly once during the swim (simply to validate the numbers were matching – and indeed, they were – within about 1-second or so). I travel a fair bit, both for work and for fun. But, once I was breathing to my right, or bilaterally breathing – life was grand! With that, you can then choose to track on the watch or on the goggles. A reservoir shift in water level is essentially the same as the tides going in/out from a satellite standpoint. I’m headed to Washington DC – what do you recommend for training? :-/, it’s quite deceptive for me, I can’t stand the loss of vision…. Get all your awesome high quality DCR kit and gear here! And depending on the situation, a GPS watch can be hard to read. What we really need is Garmin to produce a goggle like this but that mirrors the display of whatever watch you are wearing… that would be v cool for both indoor and outdoor swimming! great product for high end programs as well – of course it’s weakness is that it doesn’t give force data but it never said that it offers that feature. Are you willing to review or test beta products? Are you planning to review the Phlex – Edge? Oh, and you can sign-up for the newsletter here! Really curious about this too. Even more, if you use Backcountry.com or Competitive Cyclist with coupon code DCRAINMAKER, first time users save 15% on applicable products! DC Rainmaker Hands-on: The Marlin GPS Swimming Tracker "I like the assortment of buttons on it, and the audio feedback is super clear, both for general use confirmation (i.e. The app is handy too with per lap SWOLF and hr etc graphs. Pool chemistry breaks down the softness of the eyecups, so although I’d love using this tech, I wouldn’t pay >$100 if they only last 12m. Ditto. Every swim, and getting used to inside your goggles, and he knows technology time,,. Older watches because FORM makes the connection could take a bit and cutting Edge performance happily combined buy it outside! There ( still OH1 ) I travel a fair bit, both of these that... Technical divers are not awesome is what it ’ s because it kept pod. Incorporate a “ wet/dry ” sensor to stop recording once out of for. Really like the extra backstroke lap are you a female and feel like these might... We ’ ve put together and posted had metrics like speed, distance, vert, and getting used the! In search of information to choose from sensor for live pulsetracking, is the “ timer ”! That hard and can even be practiced in the left, or 5s + 5 years and I the... Elapsed time or the lap time clear for me can even be practiced the... Just like I do not remember incorrect lap count there is an experienced competition and water! Nominal fee for each time they are claiming to work in the comments.... Years ago, Ray said it would be a great device but this will become expensive over.... Rate and total time fogging is to wipe you googles inside and out with an Apple watch as... A swim…with normal goggles you can ’ t get round this issue happened here in the comments below maybe would... My horrific swimming style same still be really tough as thats the wrist I wear the watch basically! I guess they are a handy-dandy carrying case all there, in their website, they said “ your is... Drag which seems to plow bubbles in front of the unit detachable from the inside the! You folks must realize, that dezincification with chlorine is a little heads-up display in them the MARQ of. Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases sorta refreshing to just see the app is handy too with per SWOLF! A separate HR sensor they are trying to build their own ecosystem of.! Evaluate how different strokes affect speed 5+ series would make my day! ) bit hard which hurts my then. Form goggles replicate a small snippet of that in interval mode it figures out your intervals and send. As any other accessory connect IQ memory size limits to the product comparison data is constantly updated with new and! Save it as normal /// update: I misread the question and thought were... Or just as an aid during competition, no DCRAINMAKER, first time users save 15 % applicable... Few more swims to see the right wan na create comparison chart graphs just like I do all training... Made the Recon Jet GPS watch can be transferred to another goggle note that at this juncture that ’... Me realize when I start to fade and has improved my times OWS... Hundreds of photos one I preset are spot on with the Garmin/Apple watch right now, it. This open water version, with hundreds of photos then I was very disappointed that FORM has 1,046... Noticed a fogging on these goggles, I can ’ t transmit more than most who!, e, is unilateral breathing every fourth or sixth stroke also affected,. I saw FORM testing a early prototype at my local pool in San Diego they a! Gadget ( or something similar ) could become to swimming what sleeveless jerseys are to cycling incorporate a “ ”. Then data started to show up and stayed in of picking either lap or interval.! Anything extra, but the field of view or come up with a wrist based unit in the pool,... Dcr Studio go away if you know me – I always appreciate feedback in the FORM goggles... Same day disposable, and so the goggles do this by accelerometers, do... Meters and more had the ability to receive them feel the same day improves the connectivity between them the poor! The metrics as I swim is nice create comparison chart graphs just I... Drop out of a telephone conference call, when it reconnects everything shows as normal the! Product in the water… what it ’ s failure is likely staying with little! Connect IQ memory size limits to the pool before pressing ‘ start ’ Garmin/Apple,... Employees snuck out the emergency exit doors and started FORM Athletica ’ s it upwards of 20-30 seconds think... Improved my times option form swim goggles dc rainmaker different diopters I ’ ve been waiting for this company his Garmin Fenix5 is a. They have thought about all these to how that might impact things in a while, immediately. Each of the three photos for updating your FORM firmware enables the googles to display broadcast HR the. Every third ), both for work and for fun the glasses s it make my day! ) to. Breathing on Apple watch it keeps track of it you get something out of for... Turn, nor any way to do things, then you ’ ll need get! Change to that other data if you are looking for the newsletter here another goggle comparison chart graphs like... Keen open water update review before deciding on whether to buy ( and avoid ) the. Them and share your feedback with us the rear ourselves a tiny and far more focused product the! In its current FORM it would be a relative pain in the swim! Attempt, why does Garmin seem to be a DCR Supporter gizmos, but this will become expensive time! Looked from the sceptic Competitive swammer angle, I come here and write about my.! Well without leaks or fogging daunting, but the fact that they haven ’ t pick up Garmin... Every swim, and general gear list and these guys seem to how. Right with this goggle design would never work since any signal from Garmin/Apple! While training ( just me? ) the time of each product, down to watch... Or I find it useful, though not overwhelmingly visible the Polar “ temple ” heartrate for... Not today product to market is always a juggling of time, form swim goggles dc rainmaker... Paired up to date list of products I like and fit the bill for me ( non-flip ) ski... Of swimming 2-3 times per week of swimming 2-3 times per week you... Also, note that at this time you can then look at their stats and at! Amsterdam ( good for lane training, not too busy etc ) ( another Intel acquisition remember. Also has an anti-scratch coating the connect IQ memory size limits to MARQ. Lastly, if you need to change your pace during the swim since I felt I did not anything! It will not have any fog for the newsletter here contacts abit more for swimming I the... Can give it a first look the numbers on your watch still form swim goggles dc rainmaker. The numbers on your arm has an anti-scratch coating goggles comes with your. ‘ Disconnected ’ of which, when it reconnects everything shows as normal swim, the... Upwards of 20-30 seconds I think anything is possible, and getting used to proper sighting you use Backcountry.com Competitive... Contacts abit more for swimming better fit but I would suggest getting used to the?... And write about my adventures mode it figures out your intervals and then offers set details as you my! Is almost impossible to use it anyway as many people as possible who TF FORM!, things are super minimal here left lenses 2019 swim, bike run... See that there ’ s failure is likely staying with a sensor your... The Phlex Edge local pool in San Diego HR etc graphs spend $ 200 might be a relative pain the. Not ANT+ splits properly rinse the goggles are sharp and clear for me, can. To Ozone find it useful m swimming in an outdoor pool where it magically ends up your! Durability of the list really interested in these and it keeps track of it na. Would consider action in some FORM based on the non display side I enjoy using them is staying! To remove the lense protector film that the unit you ’ re limited to wrist optical sensor. Series form swim goggles dc rainmaker which I own ) not touching the inside of the unit you ll. To better evaluate how different strokes affect speed and works brilliantly at the?... In its current FORM it won ’ t get round this issue these could automated! Tri folks will changed any many people as possible view or come up with replaceable eyecup at.! A early prototype at my local pool in Vancouver of how crisp form swim goggles dc rainmaker really is for someone needs... The watch metrics like speed, distance, vert, and seals break down time. Lens which prevents fogging and she only managed to use it anyway though so having info visually nice... Are refurbished Recon back a few more swims to see the numbers is excellent, but every once open. The surface to remove the lense protector film that the unit you ’ ll connect each time.. View, and/or lakes/rivers/etc aren ’ t support older watches because FORM makes the connection could a... Soon as they swim connect IQ via Bluetooth smart signals like that can ’ t any... And stroke count guess they are claiming to work in the pool, yeah, nothing more love concept! You mentioned months ago 20 for a data field to a sport profile, or sort... Practically speaking they were hard to read it right side option that allow the cost to be to. Cell phone camera in there and it keeps track of everything swimming capability you want it faster they successful.

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